Highway One Properties

Whether you are looking for a cozy cottage by the sea or a premier ocean front estate, we are here to help you plan your family vacation, romantic getaway, or  business retreat.  Highway One Properties is a Vacaton Rental company featuring properties in Bolinas, Muir Beach, Seadrift and Stinson Beach.

Important Notes for Guests in 2020

CORONAVIRUS:  On March 13, 2020, the State of California and the County of Marin issued a Shelter in Placr order to limit the spread of the virus.  This order limits activity, travel, and business functions to only the most essential need and prohibits short term rentals.  As of May 26, the County of Marin has further stated that restrictions on short term rentlas will remain in place as long as the Shelter in Place Order, and it's travel restrictions, also remains in effect.   To quote the County, "We do not anticipate being able to safely reopen hotels and short term rentals until non-essential travel is alloed once again, which may not happen until later this year. To this end, our properties are now available for 31+ day rentals for guests who can commit to sheltering in place at their rental for the full 31 days.   Our online calendars are no longer accurate for the Summer of 2020.  If you would like a list of of our properties that are available for 31 days, please use the "contact us" form on this website.   If you have an existing short term rental, we will be contacting your currnt reservation with options.  

For our 31 day rentals we are asking our  guests to understand that they are entering into our small community during an ongoing Shelter in Place.  Guests must keep to their homes, and only venture out for supplies, and exercise while practicing social distancing in both cases.  Social distancing requirements include:  wearing a mask while in public, not commuting to your regular place of residence, and not inviting others who are not a part of your regular living situation to join you at your rental.  In effect, this rental will become your primary residence for the duration of your rental term.   

During the Coronavirus outbreak we are scheduling a 72 hour "resting period"  between each rental, and employing a third party cleaning service to clean and disinfect prior to each rental.   

Our offices are closed during the shelter in place edict, but we are answering emails sent to info@hwyoneprop.com, and requests made from the "contact us" form on this site..  Right now, with over 300 calls a day, we are not able to answer all your calls in a timely manner, so please use email.  Thank you for your patience.  We hope you will do your best to stay safe and healthy.

WEBSITE SEARCH TIPS:  During the Coronavirus outbreak we are leaving 72 hours between each rental.  Because of this, the "search by dates" function will not yield accurate results and the calendars will appear to be blocked.  Please send a request using the "contact us" form on the site with your criteria and we will be happy to identify which properties might work for you.

PGE POWER OUTAGES:  As a part of PGE's Community Wildfire Safety Program, PGE is implementing additional precautionary measures to help reduce the risk of wildfires.  If extreme fire danger conditions threaten the Stinson Beach community, it may be necessary for PGE to turn off electricity in the interest of public safety.  To see our full policy on the PGE Power shutoffs, please see our RENTAL POLICIES tab.

FRAUD PREVENTION:  If you are making a reservation within 14 days of the start of your booking, Highway One Properties will require a copy of your driver's license to be submitted along with your rental contract, and all check ins must be made in person.  After hours check ins will incur a $30 fee.